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Foredrag om mangfold og inkludering

Ser du etter et foredrag om mangfold og inkludering? Uansett om det er kunnskap og inspirasjon for deres ansatte, samarbeidspartnere eller kunder – så har vi erfaring med dette.

Choosing the right topic and setup is essential for participant to learn and be inspired. Are you unsure of what suits you best? Ta kontakt and we will assist you.

Foredrag om mangfold og inkludering - populære tema

  • How can companies work with diversity and inclusion?
  • Hvorfor er mangfold og inkludering viktig fra et lønnsomhets – og samfunnsansvar perspektiv?
  • Mangfoldsledelse 
  • Inspirasjon og kunnskapspåfyll for de ansatte 
  • Increased multicultural diversity – how and why?
  • How can you create communication and advertisements that appeal to a diverse target group? 

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Foredrag mangfold og inkludering
Foredrag mangfold og inkludering

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Kimiya Sajjadi - big enough global - mangfold og inkludering

Why should you work with diversity and inclusion?


Companies with ethnic diversity have a 36% higher chance to outperform competitors.  This report also shows that thesecompanies were better at attracting talents, had better costumer comprehension, higher satisfaction among employees and made better decisions. 

Become a more attractive workplace

According to a survey by Glassdoor (2020), three out of four job seekers stated that that diversity among employees was an important factor when comparing job offers and companies.

Reach out to more talents

The talent group you are recruiting from is diversed. 


The report «Fostering Through Diversity" by Forbes insight shows that diversity is a key factor when it comes to innovation, and a kritisk komponent for å lykkes globalt. 

Social responsibility

UNs sustainable development goal number 8 and 10.