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We help our clients through workshops, courses and advising. Primarely we work with leader groups, HR and diversity groups. In the following you can see what we help our clients with. Under ser du hvilke problemstillinger vi bistår med.

Diversity and inclusion

  • Teach the company why and how they should work with diversity and inclusion.
  • Help the company to create a diversity and inclusion strategy. 
  • Take a analysis of the company, and recommend measures within recruitment, employer branding, leadership etc.

Multicultural diversity

  • Teach companies how to recruit and retain multicultural talents. 
  •  Teach the company to manage cultural differences in the recruitment process and within the organization.  

Feedbacks from customers

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Foredrag mangfold og inkludering
Foredrag mangfold og inkludering
Kimiya Sajjadi - big enough global - mangfold og inkludering

Why should you work with diversity and inclusion?

  • Profitability
    Companies with ethnic diversity have a 36% higher chance to outperform competitors.   This report also shows that thesecompanies were better at attracting talents, had better costumer comprehension, higher satisfaction among employees and made better decisions.
  • Become a more attractive workplace
    According to a survey gjort av Glassdoor (2020), oppga 3/4 av jobbsøkere at mangfold blant de ansatte var  en viktig faktor når de skulle vurdere jobbtilbud og virksomheter.

  • Reach out to more talents   The talent group you are recruiting from is diversed. 

  • Innovation 
    The report «Fostering Through Diversity" by Forbes insight shows that diversity is a key factor when it comes to innovation, and a kritisk komponent for å lykkes globalt. 

  • Social responsibility
    UNs sustainable development goal number 8 and 10.

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