About us

“It is not just about creating more innovative and profitable companies. It is also about building a society with less inequality and more fairness. Most importantly, it is about taking care of people”

Why choose Big Enough Global?

Our services are designed in a result-oriented manner. It is important to us that the people we work with gain a clear understanding of the concrete steps they can take to achieve their goals. We help companies understand and solve their challenges regarding recruiting and retaining multicultural talents.


Our values are reflected in the way we treat each other and our customers.

Dare to challenge

We consider it necessary to challenge each other and our customers on the state of affairs in order to create change. It is when we go beyond our comfort zone we grow.


We believe that understanding which situation people different from ourselves and companies find them selvevs in is the key to creating change and growth.


Working with diversity can become an inspiration and one-time project. We are here to create results, and that will shape the way we work.

Our main business partner

Our main business partner is the law firm Thommessen. They have given us fincial support, and legal aid since we started Big Enough Global.


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  • Hvorfor det er viktig for din virksomhet å jobbe for å øke andelen flerkulturelle talenter?
  • Mulighet for en skreddersydd sesjon med oss og dere

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